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Your tour-, nature- and hiking-guide Klaus Gosch
About myself:
I am an engineer and business school graduate with a mountain guide licence and a nature guide. Until the age 65 years I worked in a leading position in an aerospace company. After retiring I founded just for the fun of it this specialized small travel/outdoor company. I am the guide of all the tours, supported by my wife Rosemarie.

Idea and company concept:
During eight days we offer an overall enriching experience for both – body and soul by hikes in the wonderful nature of the Haute-Provence

We provide the best requisites needed to shut off the daily routine, decrease stress … free the mind … discover a neutral body-mind balance …create room for creativity and gain inspiration …simply feel happy and balanced.

We enable"relaxation + deceleration plus overall refreshment" through a mix of physical movement, splendid nature experiences for all senses, magical accommodation and the atmosphere of the Provence.

Experience a landscape full of indescribable color richness and air full of scents with an easy, relaxing hike under the radiant blue skies of the Haute-Provence.

Enjoy extraordinary hiking trails in remote, still and magnificent nature - off the beaten track - away from all the tourist trails. Our hiking guides comment spontaneously the small things on the edges of the path (flora and fauna, culture and geology) and point out interesting nature phenomenons. Again and again we linger at the most beautiful spots, picnic, chat and relax, surrounded by total silence.

We focus experiencing and enjoying the nature, relishing the beauty and "the miracle of nature and landscape" by own activity. A custom-made experience, for each participant depending on his or her individual capacity, and with ample space for individual relaxation and contemplation.

With a limited group size of maximum ten participants and two competent nature-guides, an individual frame work is formed. The guides with good knowledge of English, will lead you through the lavender region and its natural paradises. You will be well taken care of and also acquire knowledge of what the Provence has to offer through its history/art/culture/geology.

The concept is successful
From the beginning our offer was very well received. The demand increased every year, higher than our self-set limitation to a maximum of 10 persons per group would allow. We will, however, keep and continue this concept of individual and small groups. We were able to grant numerous participants wonderful nature and hiking experiences and unforgettable happy moments.
I am really pleased that the effects of our concept of "body and soul" are verified meanwhile by scientific studies.

LAVENDER BLOOMING PERIOD 16 · Hikes in the Haute-Provence | Klaus Gosch | tel.: +49 0171-199 34 25 · CONTACT/DATA PROTECTION
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